Soul Work Media was and is an evolution; Born of the realization that there is a need for a space dedicated completely to living with more soul.

We knew that our medical system lacked the depth we needed to really heal our mind and body in more supportive and self-empowering ways. We knew that individuals are craving ways to support themselves and find community while on their unique soul journey. We knew we could help.

And so … SOUL WORK media was created! For Us All.   



Sylvia Salcedo

Co- founder

Sylvia Salcedo has over two decades as a healer. As an acupuncturist, health coach, sound + breath work facilitator she knew there was a need for deeper healing and more soulful living.

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Julie Larkin.png

Julie Larkin

Co- founder

With 20 years experience helping individuals in the big world of health and wellness, Julie’s work has evolved into powerful support and facilitation toward each of us knowing and living our strengths, honoring (in much more empowering ways) our “triggers,” and stepping more fully into the whole-hearted, high-capacity beings that we are.

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