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✸Do you feel stressed out or overwhelmed with how much is on your plate?

✸Do you find yourself feeling depressed or just plain resigned?

✸Has a sense of anxiety become the norm?

✸Are your relationships, personal or professional, feeling like a struggle?

✸Have you lost connection to your joy and passions?

We did too. Well, at least we used to. At one point we have all felt these things. We have been there and it sucked.

Both of ours came in the mix of marriage and motherhood, coupled with a forever striving for success and always feeling like we were falling short in so many areas. Life felt like a hot mess and we reached our breaking point.

It is from here that we both knew we had to choose a different way.

At these key moments (seemingly low moments), drops of wisdom can enter and take your life on a whole new trajectory.

Connecting inward - gaining awareness, growing our sense of strength, and re-anchoring into what matters - marked a new beginning. A place from where we can better hear the whisper of our soul and practice following our hearts desires each and every day.

All so that we can live with more ease, less stress, feel more connected in our relationships, and experience a greater sense of meaning and purpose.

SOUL SCHOOL is a compilation of our favorite tools and most important lessons learned as we lifted ourselves out of the muck and cultivated a new, more empowering, way of living.

When you decide you are ready for change the whole world conspires to help you rewrite your LIFE.


6-Week Course on Mastering the Art of Living with Less Stress and More Soul.  


How to Identify What Limiting Beliefs are Keeping You in Stress and Overwhelm. Change these Beliefs for Good.

Simple and Powerful Strategies for Dealing with Stress so That You Can Honor All That Arises, you can Show Up for Yourself and Your Life.

Learn to Honor Your Unique Strengths and Abilities. Cultivate Belief in You.

Integrate Trust and Ease toward Mindfully Co-Creating your Life. Allow your Dreams to Come More Naturally and Easily than Ever Before.

Because Here’s The Thing:

All the anxiety, the burnout, the depression, the apathy, the ‘I can’t keep up’, the ‘I am not enough’ … ALL OF THAT is a strong indicator that we are living in alignment with something OUTSIDE of ourselves. 

It’s a solid indicator that we cannot maintain life and living this way. 

It’s a solid indicator that (again) the time is NOW to Pause, Connect In, and Cultivate Living in Greater Alignment with Our Unique Soul Blueprint.

Because when we Live in Connection and Alignment with Our Soul’s Knowing, we can actually experience more natural EASE, JOY, PURPOSE, CONFIDENCE, FUN, POSITIVE HEALTH, BETTER SLEEP ….

Um, do we need any more reasons why?!



You do not have to ‘go it alone’ any more! SOUL SCHOOL is a supportive, group journey with women just like you. You will be welcomed and witnessed EXACTLY as and where you are! Ahhh! Together we’ll share and grow. Together We Rise!

  • Monday Evenings - Live Zoom Calls - 7:30 to 9:00 PM

  • Begins Oct 8th - Final Class Nov 19th

  • Please note that Monday, Nov 5th is a by-week / integration week - no class.

  • All live calls are recorded for your ‘forever use.’

  • More specifics sent upon registering … we look forward to being in community with YOU!