7 Chinese medicine tips that will leave you feeling better then ever.

Have you been feeling sluggish or just not your self? Are you worried about your health and your future? If so you have come to the right place! We are going to dive into the wisdom of Chinese Medicine and start you on your path to better health and wellness. Please make sure you are focused on what we are doing here and put away any distractions because this information has the power to change your life. We are going to give simple steps to integrate into your day. Life is meant to be wonderful and full and a reflection our bodies. When our bodies get out of balance they begin to talk to us and let us know something is going on. Start to live to life we want to live and shine!. So lets get started


This is one of the most important things we can learn to do. It is important to begin to understand that when our bodies our in balance we feel, full of energy, we have a clear mind and we are on our path to accomplishing the dreams we have set forth for ourselves.

Lets sit of a moment this concept: I would like you to grab a piece of paper and a pen and begin to write down on this paper what perfect health means to you in the present tense. For instance: I feel full of energy, I have all the strength and endurance to accomplish my tasks and goals I need to do. I have no pain in my body and my health is full and vibrant. Now I know you might be telling me that this is exactly opposite of what you feel right now but I want you try to get into that place where you can feel what is it like for even a second. By doing this exercise you can begin to tell your body that this is the direction it need to go. Giving all your cells in your body that this is where you are headed. So you have to tell it how it should feel and give it a path to follow, but make sure when you tell your body you tell it in the present tense, not future. You want to say I feel full or energy, not I am going to feel full of en- ergy. Got it? This is a great practice on a daily basis, just take a few minutes, in your shower or while you are driving to guide your body on your path to health and wellness.

Learn to listen to you body

Often times we use our bodies as machine taking advantage of them but constantly just going and going until some- thing breaks down. This is usually a big repair by the time we get to it. We have driven down our adrenal until we have reached adrenal fatigue or we have pain so bad in our foot that we can barley walk. What I want to go into at this point is the concept of listening to our bodies. Doing body checks on a daily basis and connecting again with our bodies. So lets go through what this means. First if you body is tired it is telling us something; you need more rest of you have not nourished your body properly for what it is going through. So next time you are tired listen to you body talk a rest acknowledge the fatigue and try to do something about it before it get really worn out. Like wise begin to note of your body when start to get a cold. Do you get a slight scratchy throat? Do you feel slight worn down, how does your body react to the first sign of a cold and recognize there signs as a warning sign from your body telling you that you are about to get sick and them do something about it!. Chinese medicine has amazing for-mulas that are critical to have in your medicine cabinet. These are the formulas you reach for when your first system of a cold arises. They will help you protect you from getting sick or dramatically reduce your cold systems. The same thing goes with aches and pain. Listen to you the first sign of a slight ache or pain and get help then. Don’t wait until it has progressed to a worse state or has now been around for three months. Acupuncture works really well especially the sooner you get to you ache or pain and you will need much fewer sessions to get rid of your dis- comfort.

Learn to breath

Now this might seem like a silly thing to think about, because we all ‘just breath naturally’ but when we can really focus on proper breathing techniques to can make great changes in our health in a multitude of ways! In Chinese medicine there is a vital force known as Qi that course through our bodies and nourishes our organ systems. It comes from the air we breath and the food we eat and our genetics. So this means that our vital energy is dependent our or breath. Focusing on our breath can help to revitalize the body and help to bring the body back into balance by calm- ing the mind and making us present. A simple breathing exercise is to place a light book on your belly the take an in breath. When you breath in your belly should go out and the book should rise. When you breath out your belly will go down and the book will lower. This type of breathing allows for you to take full advantage of the fresh qi and fill your body with this vital energy. A great place to start this practice is right before you go to bed. It can help you re- lax before sleep and let the rest of the day just drift away.

Practice qi gong

This ancient Chinese movement therapy is all about harnessing the natural energy both within us and from outside. It relies on the belief that the smooth flow of qi or life energy, through the body’s meridians, is vital for good health and that illness occurs when there is an imbalance or sluggish flow in certain areas due to anxiety, tension and fa- tigue.

Qi gong, focuses on breathing and it slow meditative movements help concentrate our minds and encourage us to listen to that which we can never really hear, our inner self. However qi gong has its own system of graceful movements that help to harness the earth’s energy and draw it into our bodies.

Qi is believed to relax the mind, muscles, tendons, joints, and inner organs, helping to improve circulation, relieves stress and pain and restore health. Practiced widely in clinics and hospitals of China, qigong may have broad health benefits. Learn to eat with the season.

Eating with the seasons

This is a wonderful concept to help you live a better life. There are five main seasons in Chinese medicine( yes I know we only have four- but the Chinese consider another season know as Late Summer this is between Summer and fall, I would say our Aug/Sept month. The height of summer has passed but we have not reached fall yet. So the rest of the seasons would be Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer. Each season has a particular quality to it and a certain type of lifestyle to follow. By looking into these seasons on can begin to live more in tune with the world around us. Lets start with Winter, it is important to understand that winter is a cold time of the year. So to live with the seasons we want to eat warm foods to create a balanced environment. If you eat too many cold foods during the winter you will generate too much cold and often times this will lead to you feeling cold, or having more severe pain. So in the winter eat warm foods. As the spring enters it is a great idea to start to lighten up on the diet you can now start to integrate fresh sprouted foods and less cooking time. As summer rushes in it this is a great time to enjoy all the fresh vegetables and fruits from the farmers market. Since with weather is warm your body can handle the cool- er/fresher foods. As the fall begins to creep in it is time to begin to warm up your foods and reduce your cold food consumption. For more information on this subject we have a lot of other great information available on our web- page.

Balancing our Yin and Yang

In Chinese medicine we have a very fundamentally concept know as Yin and Yang. This idea the two opposing forces that exist in all of nature, such as hot and cold, or night and day or still and activity. Everything in the world exists within these two opposing forces. In these days we have created a very yang society, where we are continually running around very busy and on to go always. We would consider this very yang in nature. But we ignore the op- posing force- the yin. We don’t rest or take tiem for ourselves or even just be and this is where Chinese medicine can really be a benefit, understanding that when we run to much we need to balance chaos with more yin activities, more periods of rest. Acupuncture can help you bring more yin into you life, giving you a moment to just be.

Clarify your life’s meaning

Life without meaning in empty, but meaning is something you must give to your life. Take time to explore adn de- fine your life’s purpose. Sitting with the idea, can help to guide you in best direction for yourself and bring you hap- piness. Examine your daily routines, do you enjoy what you are doing or you just going through the movements without really feeling anything. Trying to find clarity in your life path and help align you with the universe and al- low your dreams to manifest. Always dream keep changing and become your true self.